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Hello, Do you like Sulawesi shrimp?

How To Set up a tank for them?

Here we go !!

You need to prepare

a Shrimp Tank

Yes! we need a tank!

Aquarium water goblin

Water goblin can add more oxygen to the water and grow good microbes

Canister Filter

The filter can filter impurities in the water and keep the water clear


The right soil will stabilize the hardness and the ph of the water, we need a slightly alkaline soil


The lamp plays an important role in raising the shrimp, and the growth of algae provides beneficial food for the shrimp


Sulawesi shrimp needs to survive in 25-32 degrees of water, 28 degrees is best, so a heater is essential

Gh / ph / kh up

Depending on the water quality in different regions, we need to prepare some additives to adjust the hardness and ph of the water.

water test kit

How do we know if our water is up to standard? Testing agent is essential

shrimp home

The nest provides room for the shrimp to amuse themselves

It's not the time for the shrimp

Follow me

1. Put your equipment together

2. Fish tank filled with water

3. According to your local water quality, add the additives

4. Test the pH/GH/KH of the water

You can find the water data in the shrimp species page on our website

5. Turn on the device to run

6. Wait for a month until the water stabilizes

After a month of waiting...

It's the time to enjoy
your beautiful shrimp

We hope it helped you

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